Discover Your Pleasure Treasure

Welcome to episode 5! Today I want to invite you to go on an expedition… a personalised hunt to discover your pleasure treasure!

It’s a strange phenomenon that we reach a certain age and then decide that we’ve learnt all we ever need to know about pleasure. And what makes it even weirder, is that we barely receive any education to give us that false sense of security.

We don’t tend to see sex and pleasure as a source of endless discovery and learning. In fact, we often expect that our partners will figure it all out for us. Even if our partners don’t have the same genitals as us.

Isn’t that strange?

This episode is an invitation for you to reframe pleasure as something to discover! An exciting adventure that you can embark on. A playground where you can learn while you have fun.

There are so many things for you to discover that will make your bedtime antics far more fun – your anatomy, different kinds of touch, speeds, positions, erogenous zones, new techniques, kinks, toys… it’s endless.

Pleasure Tool: Feather-Light Touch

Unsure if there really is more pleasure available for you to discover? Here’s a tool that you can try.

  1. Focus on one part of your body (e.g. forearm, cheek, cleavage).
  2. Stroke, this part of your body, VERY lightly using only your fingertips. Stroke as gently as you can.
  3. Be aware of the sensation of your body part and your fingertips.
  4. Remain present with the feeling. Notice how it feels. Relaxing, erotic, arousing?
  5. Notice how your body is responding. You are waking up your nerve endings.
  6. As you continue, you’ll be re-sensitising this area and becoming more open to receiving pleasure. You’re re-training yourself to say yes to pleasure.

Good, huh? Imagine how much fun you could be having if you stopped worrying about performance and let yourself discover your pleasure treasure!

Let me know if this resonated with you! Share in the comments how you’re going to discover your pleasure treasure!

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