Porn: Should I be worried if my partner is watching?

In this week’s episode, we’re talking about Porn: Should I be worried if my partner is watching?

This is part 2 of my conversation with Cam Fraser, who is Australia’s Leading Men’s Sex Coach. He’s also a Certified Sexologist, Counselor, Registered Yoga Teacher, Tantric Practitioner, and Workshop Facilitator. And as you’ll soon hear, Cam is not scared to have real conversations that bust stigma and shame around sexuality.

His mission is to help men to have full-bodied, shame-free, pleasure-oriented sex! YES, PLEASE!

I invited Cam to chat about this topic because I often hear from women who are distraught after learning that their partner is watching porn. And this discovery can feel like they’ve uncovered a dark secret. In fact, it might even feel like they’ve been cheating.

Some of the Key Points that we cover:

  1. Masturbation in a relationship is healthy – and doesn’t detract from the sex-life with a partner.

2. How could we dig deeper into what is actually worrying us about discovering that our partner is watching porn? Because looking at the specific trigger can be helpful in unpacking the concerns. And this could even help us to feel closer than before.

3. All porn isn’t equal – and there are some fair-trade, ethical, realistic, inclusive porn options available.

4. How is porn being used? Because there are actually some healthy ways to use porn – such as incorporating other parts of the body, focusing on audio rather than just visual, and changing body position.

5. Can we reframe porn as a pleasure tool? And could we use it together in a relationship?

Let me know what you thought about this episode… Porn: Should I be worried if my partner is watching? Did it help you to see a whole new perspective?




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