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Hey, I'm Lisa

Transforming Pleasure for Men

Embark on a transformative journey with me to elevate your sexual confidence, focusing on rebuilding and enhancing your sense of self in intimate experiences.

Together, we’ll navigate the path to rediscovering the joy and fulfilment that once seemed out of reach.

Lisa Welsh sex consultant

About Me

I’m not just your average sex nerd. As a mom of three amazing teenage boys (bonus son included!), an Accredited Sex Educator, and someone who has navigated the complexities of divorce and the joys of remarriage, my journey is a unique tapestry of personal insights and professional exploration.

Years of dedicated study, extensive training, and, let’s say… a fair share of hands-on research, have deeply informed my understanding of sexual wellness.

This blend of personal life experiences and professional expertise uniquely positions me to guide others, especially those who are rediscovering themselves post-divorce.

Why Men's Sexual Wellness?

My personal journey through divorce, remarriage, and the nuances of my own intimate life has profoundly opened my eyes to the specific challenges and complexities men face in expressing and exploring their sexuality.

This deepened understanding, coupled with being a mother to three teenage boys, has highlighted the need for a safe, stigma-free space where men can openly understand and grow in their sexual journey.

These insights have inspired a shift in my focus, transitioning from primarily addressing women’s pleasure with ‘Happiness for Her’ in 2012, to now dedicating myself to addressing the unique needs and challenges of men 11 years later. And particularly those navigating life post-divorce.

My Credentials

I’m a MSH Accredited Sex Educator, the Communications Lead for My Sexual Health,  I support the Communication Committee for the World Association for Sexual Health and I’m a Marketing Associate for Sex Coach U and Dr Patti Britton.

Recently, The Coach Foundation identified me as one of the premier Sex Coaches in the industry.

But my learning journey doesn’t stop there! I’m also a dedicated student at Sex Coach U, consistently striving to expand my understanding and expertise in sexual well-being.

You might have heard my voice on the radio, seen me on stage, hosting my podcast, or even caught one of my YouTube videos.

I thrive on using these platforms to inspire and educate, helping individuals embrace their authentic sexual selves.

Uncover the Path to Enhanced Intimacy

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Join our newsletter to get the free update, insight, promotion about the entrepreneur, business, and career.