How did a normal, divorced mum become a Sex Consultant?

Hint: It wasn’t because I’m a secret Sex Kitten with a perfect body and no sexual shame…

Lisa Welsh sex consultant

So, what makes me special?​

Well, that’s the thing… I’m very normal!

But I’ve read stacks of books on human sexuality, completed many hours of sex-based training, and tried loads of things in bed. All in the name of enhanced sex research. 😉

But I’m not unique. I’m a busy, married mum with body image issues, a tumultuous relationship with sexual shame, and an insatiable desire to put everyone else first.

I faked orgasms for years, and never imagined I’d actually look forward to having sex.

You too? Then you’re in the right place!

I’ve been helping women to have more fun in bed since 2012 when I launched my first online platform, a FaceBook Page called Happiness for Her.

Step by step, (with a few wrong turns), I’ve learnt a lot – and developed my own playful approach to pleasure.

Hey, I'm Lisa

As a Sex Consultant, I help people banish shame, build self-worth and develop confidence in and out of the bedroom. 

My playful approach to sexuality allows people to let down their guard and get curious about things that usually make them blush.


How am I qualified?

– BA Hons in Business Management – yeah, that doesn’t help!

– A qualification in life coaching – helpful but not entirely relevant

– I read piles of books and peer-reviewed journals on human sexuality each week (like non-stop)

– And I complete hours of sex-based learning each month, through the Sexology Training Club, Sexual Health Webinars & Conferences and other sexual health professional development programmes

– I’m a member of the South African Sexual Health Association

– Oh, and I try loads of things in bed. It’s relevant!


What exactly is a Sex Consultant?

I’m not a medical professional, therapist, or psychologist. But I can recommend excellent colleagues who are.

I’m here to share tips for spicing up your sex life and boosting confidence.


Wondering what keeps a Sex Consultant busy?


– I run a membership of amazing women called the Better in Bed Academy

– I’m the host of the “In Bed With Lisa” podcast 

 – I was the Communication Manager for the 2021 Congress of the World Association for Sexual Health

– I’m a copywriter for My Sexual Health

– I regularly feature in podcasts, radio stations etc. talking about sex & pleasure.

My approach is to empower you to create a safe space that allows you to play your way to hotter sex… in your own unique way.

Curious to learn more about my back-story to becoming a sex consultant? I’ve got you!


Learn about my journey from Shy People Pleaser to Playful Pleasure Pixie.

Life's too short for mediocre sex

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