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12 Best Toys For Squirting (That’ll Make You Squirt Every Time)

Lisa Welsh
Lisa Welsh

Sexual Health & Pleasure Educator
Media Liaison for the World Association for Sexual Health

In recent years squirting has become one of the main buzzwords in the world of sex and pleasure. 

Everyone wants to know what it is, how it works, and — most importantly — how to do it. 

If you’re ready to learn how to achieve mind-numbing, blissful squirting orgasms by using sex toys, you’ll want to keep reading. 

Because in this article, I’ll be giving you a list of the 12 best toys for squirting. I’ll also explain how squirting works and how you can get past the “block” that’s preventing you from reaching your peak. 

Note that this post may contain affiliate links. We will receive a commission if you make a purchase through our affiliate link at no extra cost to you.

How does squirting work?

Before we get into the 12 best toys for squirting, let’s first dive deeper into how squirting actually works so you can perfect your toy techniques and ace the squirting game. 

Squirting is essentially a form of female ejaculation that occurs in people with vaginas. It’s the discharge of a notable amount of fluid from the skene’s glands. Though many people struggle to explain how squirting feels (since it feels different from a normal orgasm), most agree that it feels good.  

There are mainly three ways you can squirt: 

1. Pure clitoral stimulation

2. Focused g-spot stimulation

3. Clitoral and g-spot stimulation 

You may be a natural-born clit squirter, g-spot squirter, or both. But you won’t know until you start exploring. 

In many cases, learning to squirt is more mental than physical — which is why so few women experience it without teaching themselves how to squirt first. A recent study found that only about 10%–54% of women have experienced female ejaculation in some form. 

Though some women can squirt naturally when stimulated in the right place, most of us have to get past the mental block first. 

This is because the sensation women experience right before squirting resembles the feeling of having to pee. This causes them to “block” the squirting from happening since they’re scared they’ll pee themselves.

However, pushing through that feeling and letting go is the key to squirting and achieving a great climax. 

Tips to get past your squirting “block”

Here are some tips you can try to break past that mental block. 

Use a waterproof blanket

Using a waterproof blanket will help you “let go” since your mind recognises that if you were to squirt, cleanup would be effortless. Thus, you’ll be more comfortable and won’t feel like you need to run to the bathroom. 

You can also use a towel if you don’t have a waterproof blanket. Simply lay it out beneath you on the bed. 

Play with your nipples

As with all other sex acts, the hotter you are, the more intense your release will be.  

Playing with your nipples or letting your partner play with your nipples while using a toy, fingers, or a cock to stimulate your clit or g-spot will make you far more turned on. As a result, you’ll also find it far easier to squirt. 

Increase speed and intensity

When you start feeling the pee sensation, increase the speed. Rub your clit faster or stroke your g-spot harder. The increase in speed and intensity will give you that final push and help you leap over the edge.

Push outwards

When you feel the orgasm overcoming you, push outwards (like you would if peeing) to allow the wetness to come out. Don’t hold back. This will allow you to squirt more, which will intensify the pleasure. 

12 best toys for squirting

Below is a list of some of the best sex toys you can use to squirt. All of these toys can be used when you’re alone for some quality self-love time or with a partner. 

They can also be used together, with lube, or in junction with other sex toys (such as anal beads, blindfolds, bondage tools, etc).

Magic wands

The magic wand — commonly referred to as a girl’s bestest (estest) friend for life😉 — is a clitoral vibrator that is excellent to use for clit stimulation to help you squirt. 

alt: image of the Rechargeable Magic Wand Massager
Image of the Rechargeable Magic Wand Massager from Lizzy Bliss (Source)

This toy truly is supreme, with an erotic reputation that goes back to the 1960s. You can use a Classic Magic Wand or a Magic Wand Plus (which adds even more vibration) to rub your vulva. You can also grind against it to add more stimulation to intensify your release. 

Just be aware that many magic wands aren’t waterproof. While you’re very unlikely to break the wand while lying on your back squirting (even multiple times in a row), too much moisture can cause water-ingress issues. 

But this toy will certainly help you achieve a blissful squirting orgasm (if you’re someone who can squirt through clitoral stimulation). Either way, you’ll never want to put this toy down!

You can try the following magic wands:  

1. The Rechargeable Magic Wand Massager has a firm head with soft silicone that you can rub against. This cordless toy is waterproof and has ten powerful vibration speeds that send rumbling vibrations through your entire body. (Use code “INBEDWITHLISA” for a 10% discount on your purchase”. 

2. The Obsession toy from Viben has powerful vibrations and is water-resistant (not waterproof). It’s a SUPER powerful massager that’s great for both couples and solo play. It comes in royal purple, violet, and elegant black. 

3. The Sway The Modern Magic Wand No1 is a wonderful wand vibrator with a sleek design and luxury vibrator appearance. It has intense vibrations (with seven vibration patterns) and is also waterproof. 

Suction toys for clitoral stimulation

Do you love the feeling of tight suction around your clit? Or perhaps the feel of a vibrating tongue? 

Then a rechargeable suction toy might be just the thing you’ve been dreaming about.  

alt: image of a clitoral suction toy
Image of the Liberty sex toy from Womanizer (Source)

This tool is a unique oral sex simulator where the “mouth” pulses air onto your vulva (much like a pussy pump). Some models also have a flexible tongue which vibrates against your clit. 

It’s a super hot tool to use on your own or with your partner. The feeling it produces is so intense that you’ll be able to easily imagine coming into someone’s mouth — which is excellent for breaking past any squirting “blocks” you may have. 

4. The Liberty toy from Womanizer is a true panty-wetter in all senses of the word. It offers six levels of stimulation — guaranteeing pleasure. It’s also super pretty and comes in five different colours, including Rebellious Pink, Lilac, Pink Rose, Powder Blue, and Red Wine. 

5. The Maia Destiny is a three-in-one clitoral suction toy with suction, vibration, and a vibrating tongue. It’s covered with 100% body-safe silicone and has an ergonomically shaped handle that can be used as a full-body stimulator. 

6. The Swakom Pulse Pure applies targeted suction to your clit, which creates intense pleasure. It’s perfect for smooth sessions since it’s made from ultra-soft silicone.

Duo stimulators

Duo stimulators, which target both the clit and g-spot, are incredible for making you squirt and orgasm simultaneously. 

Talk about getting the best of both worlds! Am I right?

alt: image of the Moana Lisa duo sex stimulator
Image of the Moana Lisa toy (Source)

While not all duo stimulators are equal, they generally come with a place for suction (where your clit goes) and a vibrating shaft inside your vagina — hitting your g-spot. Blended orgasms galore!

7. The Moana Lisa is a clitoral-sucking vibrator that stimulates your clit and g-spot with its dual functions. It’s easy to use, highly adjustable, silky soft, noiseless, and waterproof. It has ten vibration and suction functions that’ll give you a whole new sensation for a whole new mind-numbing type of orgasm.

8. The Satisfyer Pro + G-Spot also offers simultaneous stimulation of the clit and g-spot. This toy allows numerous vibration combination options — to help you achieve ultimate pleasure. 

9. The Womanizer Duo is an ergonomic vibrator with 12 intensity levels to give you blissful orgasms. It features double stimulation, ten vibration patterns, and is also waterproof.

Dildos and vibrators for g-spot stimulation

A g-spot orgasm is like the unicorn among orgasms. 

Most women want to experience it at least once. But, if you’re anything like me and you end up loving the feeling of g-spot stimulation (like I have a feeling you will), you won’t want to stop at just once.  

G-spot stimulation is a must-try — even if you’re someone who tends to only come through clitoral stimulation. The best toys to use for g-spot stimulation are curved, ejaculating dildos and vibrators. 

alt: image of Luna Pink Aventurine squirting dildos
Image of Luna Pink Aventurine sex toy (Source)

Here are some of my top picks: 

10. The Luna Pink Aventurine is arguably the best squirting dildo out there. It was specially designed for sensual g-spot, a-spot, and cervical arousal. Its curved shape is a natural fit for the vagina, and the fullness and firmness it provides awakens all your erogenous zones. The wand has two different ends, allowing you to use both for maximum pleasure. (Use code “LISALOVES” for a 10% discount on your purchase).

11. The Tennis Pro is an ergonomic g-spot vibrator that hits the perfect spot EVERY TIME. This toy will help you achieve winning orgasms with its smoothly-contoured internal vibrator. 

12. The Rechargeable Thrusting Rabbit is a thrusting vibrator with a throbbing shaft that has impressive power and thrusting ability. This tool is made from phthalate-free, latex-free, body-safe silicone — making it safe and velvety smooth. 

Get your squirting game on

If you’re ready for outer-worldly sexual stimulation that’ll give you breathtaking squirting orgasms, then you should try the tools mentioned in this article. 

You can start by choosing the one you think will work best for you. After all, you know your body and what gets your lady parts squirming in pleasure. 

After that, you can explore different options to see if you’re a natural clit squirter, g-spot squirter, or both. 

If you want to learn more about pleasuring yourself, check out my Vulva Pleasure Masterclass that’ll teach you the ins and outs of experiencing more intense orgasms (and squirting orgasms) than ever before.  

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