Better in bed Academy

The ultimate space to help you experience more freedom, fun and pleasure in bed without shame!

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Better in bed Academy

The ultimate space to help you experience more freedom, fun and pleasure in bed without shame!

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This sex thing shouldn’t be so complicated, right?

You’ve got this vivid dream, this big vision of how you wish things would be in bed…

And while it’s going okkkkaaaaayyyyy, you know it could be so much better.

You want to feel at home in your skin.

You want to overcome the shame and taboo connected to female sexuality and pleasure.

You want to have that BIG O! And you want to enjoy an epic kind of intimacy!

You want to feel at peace with who you are.

You want to feel confident when you are giving and receiving pleasure.

You want to know how to unlock ecstasy in. your. own. body! Because, girl, it’s your birthright!

But you’re stuck. Through no fault of your own!

You’re putting energy IN.

You WANT to have great sex.

You’re eager to make it work.

But nobody has been able to show you how to put all the pieces together.

Does this sound like you…

  • You’ve never found the exact steps you need to get to that next level…
  • So, you spend time on the wrong things.
  • You’ve read articles, listened to podcasts, spoken with friends. But nothing quite does the trick!
  • You never quite get around to acting on things.
  • And you get frustrated with all of it. 🙁


You’re ready for more, right?

I'm so ready
I joined BIBA to try and gain support/knowledge in bettering my pretty boring/non existent sex life. I’ve been with my husband for over 20 yrs and whilst he has a high sex drive I am the complete opposite!! I thought I had to take the plunge for not just my marriage but myself! Lisa is so incredibly friendly and reassuring and the group have been lovely & helpful, no judgement at all. It’s lovely being part of the BIBA family ❤️

Ready to stop experiencing pain during sex, but pretending it’s okay.

Ready to stop rubbing your vulva in hope of igniting a spark of some kind of sensation… but bluh.

Ready to stop faking in bed and then quickly and quietly self-pleasuring in the bathroom.

Ready to stop waiting for the right time to do something about it – because it’s awkward and not that important.

You’re ready to stop acting like you have a good sex life – and actually HAVE ONE!

You know it’s your time to claim your desires!


Nodding? Read on.

Hi! I’m Lisa

…and I’d love to be that person.

I used to be in a very similar place to where you are today, and I did the hard work of finding the way out on my own.

It took ages, and it was messy. I decided I didn’t want any other woman to have to lean on Google as their number one source of information and make a gazillion mistakes before figuring it all out…  

This is exactly why I’ve spent the last 8+ years teaching women how to finally have fun in bed, own their worth and ask for what they want!

And you know what?

I see the same issues coming up again and again.

BIBA membership by far exceeded my expectations. Lisa is a wonderful and caring soul, making communication about the most intimate matters comfortable, easy and shame-free. She is also a great mentor, knowledgable and experienced, present and actively involved in solving issues.

The content and courses are easy to follow, understand and practice. I love the guided practices, which can be implemented alone or with partner.

So many women have no idea of their potential for pleasure… instead they feel totally stuck, wondering if there’s something wrong with them.


Because it’s hard to find accurate sex education and support out there.

AND our histories, stories and conditioning impact the way we see ourselves, our place in the world and how we show up…

They’re the number one reason we stay stuck.

And it’s only once you start taking the steps towards unlocking your stories around shame that you’ll be able to enjoy the kind of pleasure you desire.

And working out which steps to take is infinitely easier with guidance, tools and support.


You feel me?

Yes, I need this!
I love Lisa’s membership! Her courses and community has empowered me as a woman on all levels. Our weekly calls is a sacred gift to me where we hold a space to speak, share, laugh and grow together as women in a community. Her courses have helped me heal and take my power back. I highly recommend this membership to all women who want to be fully empowered on every level of their being! I love that we all come as we are and where we’re at. That’s the beauty of this membership, every woman qualifies!

This is for you if you’re ready to:


  • Take sex from underwhelming to “OMG, YES!”
  • Unlock orgasms… the kind of orgasms you never knew existed
  • Feel fully alive and free in your feminine expression – more playing, less people-pleasing!
  • Stop second-guessing yourself and finally believe you deserve pleasure
  • Be confident in knowing what you want, and how to ask for it
  • Give and receive pleasure like an absolute goddess
  • Stop stressing about taking too long and luxuriating in the sensations instead
  • Be surrounded by an amazing group of supportive women who are in the same boat as you (and understand exactly what you’re going through).


Is this speaking to your soul?

This membership will help you to…

  • Gain a clear understanding of anything that has been holding you back in bed and how you can actively overcome those barriers
  • Find time in your busy schedule for yourself and your pleasure, even if you have kids (no matter their ages).
  • Activate delicious feminine energy that will help you to stop living just to please everyone else and actually have fun with those you love.
  • Embrace total, radical self-love and finally feel at home in your skin
  • Infuse your day with aliveness and joy so you don’t just live for your to-do list and flop onto your bed exhausted every day
  • Heal old wounds so you can move from surviving to thriving – and actually start to enjoy lovemaking
  • Awaken your pure sexual magnificence so you can experience the magic of ecstasy coursing through your body
  • Make sexual play your own exquisite journey of self-acceptance and deep intimacy

I can’t say enough about this course and I highly recommend it to any woman who feels like they could use a boost in their sex life, or just want to feel more confident in their bodies and relationships. Thank you, Lisa!

Lisa helped me to shift my thinking from a place of negativity to one of self-love and trust. All I dared hope for was pain-free sex, but Lisa is opening the door to a pleasurable and fulfilling sex life.

The 7DPP Audio was packed with so many AHA moments! So relatable and perfectly explained. Gosh, if I feel this way after audio one I cannot wait to see how much I gain from this journey! 

Life is too short for mediocre sex!

It’s time to claim your wildest desires and light up all areas of your life!

I created the Better in Bed Academy to support you in awakening your true sexual nature.

To help you to uncover what’s REALLY holding you back. To equip you with the mindset, tools and resources you need to step into the most potent, powerful, and sexy version of you! 

  • The Better in Bed Academy
  • $27

    per month
  • My signature ROAD to Pleasure System
  • 2 x weekly group coaching calls (women only)
  • Access to my library of 6 On-Demand Pleasure Courses
  • Workbooks, self-coaching tools, playlists and daily practices
  • Access to the BIBA Bookclub
  • Free access to all live masterclasses
  • New content added every month
  • Special guest coaches and speakers
  • Private Facebook Community (women only)
  • I Need This!

You get all of this!

my signature ROAD to Pleasure System

2 live accountability calls every week

instant access to dashboard of 6 online courses and masterclass replays

private FB group community 

new content added every month

All of this for just

Just $27 per month 

That’s $0.90 per day 

Plus, you can cancel anytime!

YES! I am in

You will be charged monthly for this membership, with no strings attached, no yearly commitment, and the ability to opt-out at any time (though I hardly think you will want to when you see what’s inside!)

All of your content will be hosted inside of an exclusive membership site, where you can easily access all on-demand videos, worksheets, resources, and more.

Thank you for the work you are doing for women everywhere. I would recommend you to anyone. The tools you apply, the way you listen, and the way you adapt your work to each individual is so inspiring!

Being a new mom, back at work I never have time for pleasure, even the smallest pleasures seem too far. I shed a little tear after this, standing by the kettle looking out of the window and actually enjoying a pleasurable moment. Cannot wait for the next few days.

I will be forever grateful to you, Lisa Welsh! Through your practice you made me realise things I never knew I needed to uncover. You work alongside people with such love and empathy – and show us the orgasmic light! I cannot even express the change I can feel within myself.

Let’s Go Deeper…


This is the step-by-step system you need to create more pleasure in your busy life. No-nonsense tools that you can use no matter how busy you are. Daily and weekly practices, on-demand videos lessons, workbooks and guided audios to support your journey to having more fun in bed.


(Women only) Each Tuesday, you can join 2 live calls led by me. These are drop-in sessions that you can choose to join to give you the level of support, community and accountability that you desire. These calls are not recorded.


6 comprehensive online courses are full of video classes, audio, worksheets. guided practices & recommended resources!

  • The Pleasure Chest (valued at $897)
  • Love Your V (valued at $97)
  • The 7 Day Pleasure Plan (valued at $197)
  • The Art of Pleasure for Penises (valued at $297)
  • Food and Body Freedom (valued at $197)
  • How to Set Boundaries (valued at $57)


From time to time, I will feature hand-selected guest coaches and speakers to bring you even more value, perspective, and tools to unlock your pleasure.


Inspiring workbooks and self-coaching tools with journal prompts and other resources to help support you and keep you on track.


Read a new book each month alongside Lisa and the other BIBA members. There is space to share insights each week in a FB live chat.


As a member of BIBA you will also gain free access to every paid masterclass and live course that I run while you are a member! These might include: Striptease, Erotic massage, Squirting, Tantra, Pleasure mapping, Pegging. You’ll get to vote for what is covered!


(women only) Get the support you need and connect with a community of like-minded women. The FB group is where it’s at – a chance to get to know each other and support each other and MAKE FRIENDS!


We are so excited to welcome you on the inside! xxxx


Excited? Full body HELL YES?

Then, bloody go for it!!

Full body YES!
The BIBA community has helped me reframe all those false beliefs in my head, embrace my sensuality and unlock new avenues of finding intimacy with both myself and my partner. I feel more confident vocalizing what I want in bed, as well as exploring and discovering new things I like. I feel more comfortable taking time for myself and self-love and pleasure, micro-dosing on pleasure in little ways from the first cup of coffee in the morning to a delicious little snack in the middle of the day to a warm bubbly bath in the evening followed by curling up with a good book~ all the ways we can manifest pleasure in our lives and everyday reality. I certainly didn’t expect to find what I did: a warm and loving community of like-minded women who are open to sharing and healing, learning and growing together. Truly priceless, and working with Lisa is beyond enlivening. It is a reawakening and a reclamation.
  • The Better in Bed Academy
  • $27

    per month
  • My signature ROAD to Pleasure System
  • 2 x weekly group coaching calls (women only)
  • Access to my library of 6 On-Demand Pleasure Courses
  • Workbooks, self-coaching tools, playlists and daily practices
  • Access to the BIBA Bookclub
  • Free access to all live masterclasses
  • New content added every month
  • Special guest coaches and speakers
  • Private Facebook Community (women only)
  • I Need This!

Course library

This is where to start:

  • Daily and weekly practices to incorporate into your daily life to boost pleasure
  • On-demand lessons in 4 key modules: R O A D
  • Rewire your brain for pleasure
  • Organise your life for pleasure
  • Awaken your body for pleasure
  • Discover the depth of your pleasure
  • Workbooks and guided audios to support your journey


This is for you if you:

  • Wonder why sex isn’t as fun for you as it seems to be for everyone else
  • Have not experienced an orgasm so far
  • Hardly ever orgasm with your partner
  • Often fake orgasms to get it over with
  • Use one consistent masturbation technique which feels like the only way you’ll ever orgasm
  • Feel too embarrassed to ask for what you want in the bedroom
  • Aren’t even sure what you want anyway!

This is course is for vulva owners and people who love someone with a vulva! 

  • Did you know that the beliefs and emotions you hold about your genitals have a huge impact on the pleasure and sexual satisfaction you can experience? By healing the relationship with your V can open up a world of pleasure.
  • This course will address common worries and fears that people often hold around their vulva. The intention is to put your mind at ease and show you that your V is normal.
  • Dive in to learn the answers to those awkward questions you’ve been wondering about for years!

This is for SERIOUSLY busy women who want to experience more pleasure.

  • What if you could tap into a powerful source of juicy energy at any moment
  • Energy that helps you breeze through your busy day with a smile on your face.
  • Without adding extra stuff to your to-do list?
  • Without giving you coffee jitters?
  • Or a sugar crash?
  • Well, here’s some awesome news for you….
  • I’ve created a potent audio course jam-packed with everything you need to know to make this your reality…
  • And you don’t need to do anything to prepare. Simply press play every day and see for yourself how things can change in just a week.

This is the penis Instruction Manual You’ve Secretly Been Hoping For!

  • I created this 6-week course to help you to develop killer self-confidence in the bedroom. It’s way more than a set of penis pleasure tips. It is your personal roadmap to becoming the ultimate lover… Someone who loves initiating sex and knows instinctively how to delight and excite their partner better than anyone else ever could… Sounds good, right?
  • You don’t even have to spend years trying to figure it all out (like I did) –  nor accidentally stumble on a load of awkward x-rated online content in the process! 
  • This will work for you even if you’ve never known what you’re supposed to do with your partner’s penis… and it doesn’t matter if you’ve been together for 5 minutes or 50 years.

This is for you if you:

  • Are ready to stop obsessing over whether you should eat the tiny cookie that comes with your coffee.
  • Can’t have fun at the party without comparing yourself to everyone else in the room.
  • Want to enjoy your friend’s wedding without counting the macros of the canapés.
  • Can’t ignore the bar of chocolate in the kitchen.
  • Want to stop fixating on food and your body.
  • Are desperate to get on with your life!

This is for you if you:

  • Are overwhelmed, overstretched and overtired
  • Are a chronic people pleaser
  • Are scared to say no in case you hurt someone’s feelings
  • Give and give and give until you are exhausted
Woohoo! I'm In

Got questions?

Can I cancel my membership?

You can cancel your membership at any time, no strings attached. Once you are logged into your account you may click ‘My Account’ and from there you will have access to cancel your membership.

I don't like the idea sharing private stuff on group calls

The live group calls take place on Zoom – and there is no nudity, no pressure to turn your camera on, no pressure to interact.

I totally understand that the idea of sharing personal stuff with strangers is scary. That’s because we’ve been taught that we can’t trust other women.⁣

But Sisterhood is the secret to the success of the Better in Bed Academy.⁣

Our live calls show us that we’re not alone, and not broken. ⁣It gives us a non-judgemental⁣ space to turn when things feel hard.⁣

And a place to share our truth, be witnessed and celebrated.⁣

“If we can share our story with someone who responds with empathy and understanding, shame can’t survive.” Brene Brown⁣

When are the live calls?

There are 2 calls every Tuesday at times to suit most locations. 

2pm GMT+2 and 7pm GMT+2

These are not recorded to preserve the confidentiality of everyone in the space. You can choose the level of support you desire by attending as many or as few calls as you choose.

How do I change my payment details?

When sign into the Better in Bed Academy member dashboard, you can click ‘Your Account’ then click ‘update subscription’.

How do I access the materials?

Go to and click ‘log in’, once you are logged in you will be redirected to the Better In Bed Academy member dashboard.

If I cancel, when will I lose access?

When you cancel your membership your account will remain active until your next billing cycle. If you cancel on the 1st of the month but your billing cycle is on the 15th, your account will remain active until the 15th.

What can I tell my husband? He doesn't see the value in this

It’s important that you feel confident in the decision to join BIBA – so first ask yourself why you really want to do this.

What is the real cost of not joining this Pleasure Membership?

How will it benefit you? Your husband? And your relationship?

Can I receive a refund once I pay for my membership?

When you sign up to The Better in Bed Academy you automatically receive access to all of the materials. Therefore I am not able to offer a refund. You can cancel your membership at any time.

I can't wait to support you!

It’s time for you to awaken your full sexuality and claim your desires to live your most fun and authentic life!

This membership is the realisation of a dream I have had for years. A profoundly safe space to share accurate pleasure and sex education that actually delivers – without rush, without judgement, without shame. 

A space for women to feel fully supported as they take courageous steps into the kind of life they have always dreamed of – while being held in a supportive community. 

I’m excited when I think of the friendships we will develop in this container – and of the confidence and pleasure we will unlock together. I truly believe this will be a transformative space for all of us. 

Whether you’re just starting on your pleasure journey or you’ve been wondering if there’s more for years, the things we cover in BIBA are foundational as well as stretching you to grow, develop and seriously go to the next level. 

I’m SO there for all of that and can’t wait to support you to uplevel and blossom into your fullest most ecstatic potential. 

I can’t wait to see you on the inside of BIBA and watch the incredible things you’re about to do!

Yours in Pleasure & Orgasms, Lisa xxx

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