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BIBA is a bite-sized pleasure membership...

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Designed to prevent pressure & overwhelm - and make pleasure easy!


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As a BIBA Member you’ll be:

– Invited to a weekly group call where we play, chat and share pleasure success and challenges together (women only – not recorded)

– Added to my Instagram Close Friends List (all genders welcome)

– nb. There will be a live BIBA Burlesque Christmas Party on 6th December 2023 – and then we’re taking a break from calls til 10th January 2023


That will give you exclusive members’ only access to:

– Behind the scenes of my daily life

– Regular mini trainings and challenges

– Occasional links to my unlisted YouTube masterclasses

– A weekly anonymous IG Q&A 

Messages from Members!

BIBA will help you take sex from
underwhelming to “OMG, YES!”

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  • Spice up your sex life
  • Enjoy more confidence in bed
  • Pleasure your man
  • Learn to have sex by yourself
  • Play more and worry less
  • Discover what YOU like
  • Give feedback and ask for what you want
  • Stop stressing about taking too long
  • Unlock orgasms that you never knew existed
  • Date night ideas


All for just $5 monthly

(charged as R90 pm)


And there’s no yearly commitment! You can opt out at any time.

Why do people join BIBA?


I joined BIBA to gain support/knowledge in bettering my pretty boring/non-existent sex life.

I’ve been with my husband for over 20 yrs and whilst he has a high sex drive I am the complete opposite!! I thought I had to take the plunge for not just my marriage but myself!

Lisa is so incredibly friendly and reassuring and the group have been lovely and helpful, with no judgement at all. It’s lovely being part of the BIBA family.

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Unlock Your Pleasure!

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Dearest Lisa, today I finally found my G-spot for the first time in my life!!! 🥳🥳🥳

It happened thanks to BIBA, the courses, your gentle mentoring, weekly calls where we are free to talk about all insecurities and sensitive issues, the connection with other women sharing similar troubles and dealing with it.

I can’t even describe how emotional this experience was and it’s all thanks to you! Thank you for your wonderful work! ❤️

Got questions about BIBA?

The live group calls take place on Google Meet – and there’s no nudity, nor pressure to turn your camera on, and lastly no pressure to do anything you don’t feel comfortable doing.

I totally understand that the idea of sharing personal stuff with strangers is scary. But Sisterhood is the secret to the success of the Better in Bed Academy.⁣

These calls show us that we’re not alone, and especially that we’re not broken. ⁣It also gives us a non-judgemental⁣ space to turn when things feel hard.⁣

Moreover, it’s a place to share our truth, be witnessed and celebrated.

Every Tuesday at 8 pm SAST.

The calls are not recorded to preserve the confidentiality of everyone in the space. You can choose the level of support you desire by attending as many or as few calls as you like.

Once you join you will be added to my Instagram Close friends – to access daily bts, regular mini trainings and more.

It’s important that you feel confident in the decision to join BIBA – so first ask yourself why you really want to do this.

What is the real cost of not joining this Pleasure Membership?

How will it benefit you? Your husband? And your relationship?

When you sign up to The Better in Bed Academy you automatically receive access to all of the materials. Therefore I am not able to offer a refund. You can cancel your membership at any time.

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Join our newsletter to get the free update, insight, promotion about the entrepreneur, business, and career.