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Top 15 Fifty Shades of Grey Toys

Top 15 Fifty Shades of Grey Toys (Used in the Trilogy)

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The Fifty Shades of Grey books and movies took the world by storm. With hot-as-hell sex scenes — both vanilla and BDSM — people are wondering which sex toys were used to intensify Christian Grey and Anastasia Steel’s sex life. 

And, because I want you to experience fifty shades of pleasure (no pun intended), I’ve taken it upon myself to round up the top sex toys that were used in both the Fifty Shades of Grey movies and book series.

This article will give you a list of 15 sex toys, explain how they’re used most effectively to intensify your orgasms, and show you where you can buy them right now. 

Top 15 Fifty Shades of Grey toys and how to use them

Here’s a list of the top 15 sex toys that were used in 50 Shades of Grey sex scenes. The toys are ranked on a scale from 1–10 (with 1 being the most vanilla and 10 being the most dominatrix).

Fifty shades of grey toys on a scale from vanilla to dominatrix

1. Massage Oil

Rating: 1/10

Even though massage oil is the most vanilla toy used in Fifty Shades of Grey, you shouldn’t underestimate its effectiveness. It’s absolutely fantastic for creating intimate, sensual experiences. 

Aside from being used for foreplay and aftercare, massage oil has also been proven to add different forms of stimulation to your sexual experience. The kind that can’t easily be achieved by other sex toys. 

This is because you’re focusing on your partner’s entire body first as opposed to immediately going for their pleasure points. By massaging each other first, you’ll also discover new erogenous zones — which will heighten your arousal and make your orgasm more intense when it eventually comes. 

image of massage oil

2. Blindfold 

Rating: 2/10

There’s something utterly erotic about having your eyes covered during foreplay and sex. Not only does this sensory deprivation put you at the whim of your partner (which in itself is highly arousing), but it also allows you to hyper-focus on other sensations: 

  • The feeling of your partner’s skin against yours
  • The sound of your bodies moving together
  • The smell of their skin 

Combined, all of these sensations will build your pleasure to new heights. 

Another benefit of using a blindfold is that it removes any sexual inhibitions or awkwardness — allowing you to focus on FEELING instead of worrying.

image of a blindfold

3. Tie

Rating: 2/10

A tie is an excellent beginner prop for bondage. The loss of control to another person can be highly exhilarating and enhance the overall experience. 

If you’re thinking of trying bondage, you’re not alone. In fact, a poll conducted by YouGov discovered that 27% of British people aged 18–39 wanted to try bondage. 

Not only does bondage create a more intense experience, but it also builds a level of trust between you and your partner. 

If you want to use a tie in the bedroom, it’s best to use a dedicated tie as opposed to one that your partner is planning on wearing again.

image of dress ties

4. Rechargeable Cock Ring

Rating: 3/10

Cock rings are sexy and fun introductory sex toys for men that are both easy to use and inexpensive. Since cock rings restrict the blood from flowing back to the penis, they help keep erections firmer and can even make them last longer. 

Getting a vibrating cock ring means that it not only adds extra stimulation against the penis’s shaft during penetrative sex, but it also vibrates against the clitoris — giving you both release. 

There are different penis rings to choose from — all the way from standard cock rings, adjustable cock rings, cock and ball rings, vibrating rings, and more.

image of a vibrating cock ring

5. Rechargeable Rabbit Vibrator 

Rating: 4/10

Contrary to popular belief, using a vibrator isn’t just intended for masturbation. It can be used as a great foreplay tool for both you and your partner. 

The rechargeable rabbit vibrator is excellent for stimulating the clitoris, G-spot, vulva, labia, nipples, anus, and other erogenous zones. 

What’s great about rabbit vibrators specifically is that they usually have dual motors. One motor is for the “ears” or protruding arm and one is for the shaft — meaning that you can customize them as needed. 

Your partner can use it on you (like Christian did on Anastasia in Fifty Shades Darker), and you can also use it on them. 

image of a rechargeable rabbit vibrator

6. Handcuffs

Rating: 5/10

Handcuffs or wrist restraints are excellent for creating anticipation. They can also be used to keep you or your partner in position during sex. 

For example, in Fifty Shades Freed, Christian handcuffs Ana’s hands to her ankles and takes her from behind while she gasps in pleasure. 

You can do the same, or you can attach both wrists to the bedpost. 

Handcuffs give you the chance to get creative. Just be cautious not to fasten them too tight, and don’t be scared to communicate with your partner if a specific position gets uncomfortable.

image of kinky handcuffs

7. Spikes Metal Pinwheel

Rating: 6/10

Made entirely from nickel-free metal for safe body use, a spiked metal pinwheel is perfect for playing in the bedroom. 

The pins on these wheels aren’t intended to create pain but rather to prickle the skin. They awaken the nerve endings and enhance sensitivity. 

You and your partner can use the spiked metal pinwheel on any part of the body. However, be careful and apply light pressure to more sensitive areas.

image of a spikes metal pinwheel

8. Ben Wa Balls

Rating: 6/10

Ben Wa Balls are the small, weighted silver balls seen in 50 Shades Darker. They’re designed to be inserted into the vagina and most often come in pairs attached by a string. 

The balls can heighten sensation and awareness when left in the vagina or moved slightly. You and your partner can have sex or use a vibrator while the balls are inside you to increase stimulation and intensify your orgasm. 

Another benefit of these pleasure balls is that they’re excellent for pelvic floor training, meaning that your muscles will tighten. This can make the experience more pleasurable for you and your partner during sex. 

Keep in mind that Ben Wa Balls shouldn’t be used for more than four hours and shouldn’t be used during pregnancy or recovery after childbirth.

image of ben wa balls

9. The Wand

Rating: 6/10

Wand-style vibrators are literal clit-whispers — and yes, I mean that in every sense of the word. 

Due to their insane power and size, they give intense orgasms that can’t be replicated by ordinary vibrators. Many women will agree that The Wand is the best thing in the world. 

The girthy head of the wand gives all-over clitoral stimulation. You can use it during intercourse with your partner, or you could let them watch while using it on yourself — which is a massive turn-on. 

The three best sex positions to use the wand are the missionary style, open-legged spoon, and doggy style. You can also lay on your back and hold it against your clitoris while your partner uses their tongue on the rest of your vulva. 

image of the wand

10. Weighted Nipple Clamps 

Rating: 7/10

Do you love it when your partner puts their mouth or hands on your nipples? Does it make all the right parts of your body tingle? Then nipple clamps might become one of your best friends. 

Designed to clamp around your nipples, they restrict the blood flow — creating a satiable numb-meets-pleasure feeling. 

There are many different types of nipple clamps, including weighted nipple clamps, electric nipple clamps, magnetic nipple clamps, and more. 

However, keep in mind that although nipple clamps seem self-explanatory, there’s still a learning curve when it comes to using them correctly. So, be sure to do your research beforehand.

weighted nipple clamps

11. Butt Plug

Rating: 7/10

Butt plugs can seem really intimidating — but they don’t have to be! They’re loads of fun in the bedroom, both when you’re alone and when you’re with your partner. 

Many people seem to think that butt plugs are only intended for men, but this isn’t the case. These beginner anal sex toys can be used on both men and women. 

You can use them during any sex act to enhance your and your partner’s pleasure, thanks to the nerve endings in your anus. 

image of a butt plug

12. Vibrating Anal Beads

Rating: 8/10

If you want to take butt play to the next level, then you can consider getting vibrating anal beads. 

Vibrating anal beads are shapes (spheres or ovals) made from silicone with a stopper of some kind at the end. They usually come with a bullet vibrator that can be attached to the anal beads to make them vibrate.  

If you’re a beginner, I’d suggest starting with smaller spheres and gradually increasing the size as you get better acquainted with this toy. 

Make sure that you use a water-based lubricant for any toys made from silicone.

image of vibrating anal beads

13. Riding Crop

Rating: 9/10

Mainly used in BDSM, riding crops are there to add a ton of play to your bedroom. They’re great for creating anticipation and delivering equal doses of pain and pleasure. 

You can add a blindfold and bondage to the mix (just like Christian did in Fifty Shades of Grey) to make the experience even more exhilarating for you or your partner. 

As long as you play safely and only hit parts of the body that are protected by fat or muscle, such as the thighs or butt, then crops can be a great addition to your toy collection.

image of a riding crop

14. Spreader Bar

Rating: 10/10

Finally, we’ve reached the section in this post where we discuss the 50 Shades toys that are the most dominatrix out of the bunch. 

If you’re ready to incorporate a super kinky sexcessory into your love life — that most people won’t try (but should), now might be the ideal time for you to get a leg spreader bar

These bars are designed to keep your legs parted during foreplay or sex — with a bar in the middle and cuffs around your ankles.  

Having your legs spread makes it easier for your partner to both see and stimulate your clit. The bar also prevents you from closing your legs, even when you’re shaking, which makes your orgasms much more intense.

spreader bar

15. Rope

Rope: 10/10

If the kink queen inside you has been awakened, and you’re ready to let her come out and play, then it’s time for some proper 50 Shades of Grey bondage gear. 

A rope may seem like such an ordinary, everyday item, but when used correctly, it can do wonders in the bedroom. 

You and your partner can use rope in many different ways — from tying your ankles and wrists to the bed to tying them together for specific sex positions — the sky’s the limit. 

Just remember to learn about bondage beforehand so that you are both aware of any potential risks. Keep safety shears close by at all times. Always have a safe word and communicate with your partner throughout. 

Not only will rope create a more arousing experience, but it’ll also form a new level of trust between you and your partner. 

image of rope to use while having sex

Ready to experience more pleasure in bed?

Whether you’re a sex toy beginner or more advanced in bedroom play, you can incorporate some (or even all!) of these toys into your sex life. 

Ready to experience your own Fifty Shades of Pleasure? Explore the world of intense sensations and unforgettable moments with these top-rated sex toys.

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