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Top 5 Hottest Sex Positions You’ve Never Tried (But Should)

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Lisa Welsh

Sexual Health & Pleasure Educator
Media Liaison for the World Association for Sexual Health

When you’re married or have been in a relationship for a long while, sex can get a bit boring. 

You can only do missionary, doggy style, and cowgirl so many times, am I right? 

If you’re ready to learn some of the hottest sex positions you’ve probably never tried or even heard of, you’re in the right place!

Today I’ll be sharing my top five sexiest sex positions that you can try to have hotter, wetter, and far better sex than you’ve had for a while.  

Note on language

Before we get into the list of super hot sex positions, I just want to have a quick word about the language I will use to make the article flow better. 

I’ll use the terms “man” or “woman” to simplify so you can understand who’s doing what at any given time. But when I refer to “man,” I am talking about anybody with a penis or penetrating using a dildo. 

When I use the word “woman,” I’m talking about anybody with a vulva or the person who is being penetrated.

Top 5 hottest sex positions you’ve never tried before

Position 1: Coital Alignment Technique (CAT)

The first hottest sex position you’ve probably never tried or even heard of is the coital alignment technique (or CAT for short). 

alt: Illustration of the coital alignment technique

That doesn’t sound very sexy, but it can feel delicious😍. 

As you can see from the image, the coital alignment technique is a lot like missionary, except the man will be higher up the body than in usual missionary. 

This way, your pelvises aren’t precisely aligned. His pelvis is slightly up, and instead of a thrusting motion, you’ll both be doing more of a grind. You can also add pillows underneath the woman’s bum to change the angle of penetration. 

Feel free to mix it up to see what feels good for you and your partner. After all, no particular image can accurately represent how your two unique bodies work together.

Position 2: The X Position

X marks the spot😉.

In this position, the woman must lie on her back on a raised surface that is the perfect hip height for the man. You can use a bed, table, kitchen counter, or whatever surface you prefer. 

alt: Illustration of the X sex position

Once you’re lying on the surface with your legs dangling in the air, your partner will come and lift your legs to support them. Then, once your legs are over his shoulders, you will cross them at the ankle to form an X. 

From here, if you enjoy having your thighs squeezed together for an orgasm, you can do that. This could give extra delicious stimulation to the vulva while your partner thrusts. 

However, he’ll ultimately be in charge of thrusting, meaning he can change the angle to hit your G-spot. So, remember to communicate and give him feedback. 

The great thing about this position is that you can easily transition into it. You can start in missionary, hold your legs in a V position, and finally move into the X position. 

Position 3: Sideways Straddle

The next hottest sex position that you’ve probably never tried and maybe never even heard of is the sideways straddle. 

alt: Illustration of the sideways straddle sex position

If you’re somebody who enjoys grinding, you’re going to love this one! 

It starts with the man lying on his back, feet flat on the bed, and knees up. Then the woman will crouch down over him, facing his feet. 

Instead of positioning yourself centrally, you will straddle over one of his thighs. Then, you will carefully lower down to your knees and guide the penis or the dildo inside using your hands. 

You can rock back and forth from here, grinding on his upper thigh. 

This position is not as intense for men, but it’s great because it helps them last a little bit longer and helps people who enjoy grinding get the more prolonged stimulation they need.

This position can also be excellent if your man has a bigger penis because the whole length doesn’t have to enter you. You can be in charge of that, and he’ll still get stimulation on the shaft — a massive bonus of the sideways straddle. 

Position 4: The Bridge

You might recognise the bridge pose if you do yoga. But rest assured that this is the naughtier and far more stimulating version 😉.

alt: Illustration of the bridge sex position

In this position, the woman starts as the man begins in the sideways straddle.

So, she’s on her back with her feet flat and knees bent. Now the only difference is that she’ll lift her hips so the man is between her thighs. Then, she’ll raise her hips so she’s at a decline with her shoulders down, hips up, and knees bent. 

Since your man is between your legs, he can hold on to your thighs or bum. This way, you won’t have to support yourself throughout this. 

This is another great position to try with pillows. You might want to put pillows under your hips, shoulders, or elsewhere to help you feel comfortable. 

Remember, this is not a one-size-fits-all. You’ve got to make it work for you. 

The great thing about the bridge position is the delicious access to the clitoris. It’s right there in front of him, and I know that might cause you to feel a little bit concerned because many of us can feel embarrassed about how our vulva looks. 

If that’s how you feel, you can head to to see the true diversity and beauty of vulvas or let your partner know that you feel conscious about it and let them reassure you.

In the bridge position, your man controls the thrusts, which feels extremely good for him. So, he might want to take a breather and stay still. This can feel good just to have solid pressure inside the vagina, whether against the G-Spot, A-Spot, or cervix. 

Plus, you can squeeze your kegel muscles while he’s doing this to really awaken the area and boost the blood flow and your awareness of what’s happening. And why not add a vibrator to the clitoris, right? 

You don’t only have to use your hands. If you have a favourite vibe, go ahead, and invite your partner to use it on you in this position.

Position 5: Flipped Missionary

This is like a step up from doggy. So, if you love doggy, definitely give this one a try. 

Both the man and woman can start in the doggy position, so they’re on they’re hands and knees, and the man enters from behind. 

alt: Illustration of the flipped missionary sex position

Now, from here, you’re going to work together to lower down, so you’re going to lower right down onto your stomach, and your partner stays inside you while you’re lowering until you reach this position.

It looks slightly like the plank, but you’re not holding yourself up. 

Now, your man can lean on you or straddle his knees. Do what feels most comfortable and right to you because you want to sustain yourself in this position for a little while. 

And for the woman, if you love to have your thighs close together and contract to experience orgasm, this will be an absolute delight for you. 

You can also add other sensations, depending on what you like. 

Do you like grinding? Fantastic! Then add something under your vulva that you can rub against. Some women like to put their fists, a pillow, or a sex toy beneath them. 

In fact, a pro tip here is to use lube, open the lips, and put your favourite vibrator underneath between your lips as your partner enters from behind in this position. And then, you can grind or allow the movement of the thrusting to push you up against that vibrator. 

Holy moly, you’re going to love it!

Things to note before you try these positions

Here are a couple of things to remember before you try these sexy sex positions. 

Importance of arousal

I’m sure I don’t need to tell you this, but all positions that include penetration require that the woman is fully aroused before you get down to it. 

The clitoris needs to be stimulated so the vagina can receive penetration without discomfort and maximum pleasure. 

Remember, clitoral stimulation causes the clit to get engorged and erect, although it’s not as visible as a penis. Things are going to feel so much better when it’s engorged.

Don’t feel pressured

The positions you choose to explore are ultimately up to you and your partner. There’s no particular hierarchy to these positions — you can try whichever one (or two or three😉) works for you. 

These positions can all feel hot for different kinds of people, so follow your intuition. 

  • Which ones appeal to you? 
  • Which ones look like you’ll get the kind of stimulation that feels good? 
  • Do you love deep penetration?
  • Do you love a lot of collateral stimulation? 
  • Do you love to grind? 
  • Do you love your vibrator? 

Go with what you like!

Encouragement and body positivity

Try not to let yourself shut down by thinking negative throughs, such as, “Oh, I’m gonna jiggle in that position” or “I won’t look good.” 

Open your mind to try them because, truly, you deserve pleasure, and you’re capable of experiencing pleasure no matter what you think about your body.

Try these different sex positions for yourself 

There you have it. My five hottest sex positions you can give a try to spice things up in the bedroom. Start by trying whichever position appeals most to you and your partner, and take it from there.

Do you have a hot sex position I didn’t mention? Let me know in the comments!

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