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How to Have Quick Sex (Top Sex Tips for Busy Couples)

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Lisa Welsh

Sexual Health & Pleasure Educator
Media Liaison for the World Association for Sexual Health

Have you ever found yourself craving a red-hot connection, even when your Google calendar resembles a game of Tetris😫? 

It’s true that generally, couples with kids have less passionate sex than couples who don’t have children. In fact, a recent study found that 46% of parents feel that the quality of their sex got worse after having kids. 

But, this doesn’t have to be the case for you. 

Imagine this: You, your partner, and the art of turning quick moments into unforgettable sexual experiences that’ll leave you grinning for days. We’re diving into the realm of quickies — where sparks fly even in the fast lane.

In today’s article, we’ll be busting some quickie myths you’ve likely heard before (and may even believe). We’ll also dive into some libido-boosting techniques to make your quickies hotter, and I’ll give you top tips on having quick sex if you and your partner have busy lives. 

Biggest quickie myths

Let’s clear the air about quickies, including what they involve and why they stir up so much excitement. Here are some of the most common myths about quickies. 

alt: Biggest quickie sex myths

1. Quickies are just about the orgasm

Contrary to what you might think, quickies aren’t solely about reaching the big ‘O’. There are countless reasons why people come together intimately, and orgasm is just one part of the equation.

2. Quickies only involve intercourse

Quickies don’t revolve around just intercourse. They encompass an array of experiences — from passionate kisses that set your heart racing to tantalising touches that leave you craving more. 

They can also involve trying out various forms of sexual pleasure, such as oral sex, hands-on play, and even sex toys.

3. Quickies should be rushed

Quickies aren’t about racing to the finish line. They’re about savouring each moment, being fully present in the experience. It’s like hopping on a thrilling roller coaster, where every twist and turn is felt and enjoyed.

4. Quickies are just about satisfaction

Quickies go beyond mere satisfaction. They embrace the art of teasing, edging, and building a hunger for more intense connections. It’s about heightening desire, indulging in the thrill of anticipation, and deepening your intimate bond.

5. Quickies are always perfect

Quickies aren’t always picture-perfect and smooth. They can be messy, funny, and unexpected. Embracing imperfections adds a human touch and a sense of authenticity to the experience.

So, let’s set the record straight — quickies are a rich tapestry of sensations, emotions, and connections. 

Ready to delve into the strategies for making them even better? Stick around – we’re about to dive in!

How to make them super hot 

Let’s roll up our sleeves and dive into the nitty-gritty of igniting the quickie flame with your lover. No frills, just straightforward tips to make those moments sizzle!

alt: Tips to make quickie sex hotter

Step 1: Tease your partner the right way

The build-up is a significant part of making quickies hot — so get seductive and flirty. 

Because the more you can build anticipation, the hotter this will be. You know that cheeky grin you get when you’re up to something? Start there. Shoot your partner a playful text, drop a flirty comment, play footsie at a family dinner or use a secret signal only you two understand. 

Think of it as planting the seed of anticipation. But with no expectations or guarantees of where this could end.

Step 2: Whisper sweet nothings — or not-so-sweet😉

Let them know what you want — and weave consent in here. Yes, support can be like sexy dirty talk in a trusted partnership. Express your desires and share your fantasies. 

Say what you want, and tell your partner you’re in the mood. Think of it as verbal foreplay — a direct route to getting both of your engines revving. And if they’re keen, go for it.

Step 3: Action stations

When you’re finally alone together, it’s all hands on deck. 

No need to fully undress! Half undress, hitch skirts up, trousers down to knees, knickers pulled aside, make the flesh that is bared extra thrilling.

Both of you are in charge of your pleasure. Stick with what works, whether it’s a specific move you both love or the trusty lube that’s never let you down. It’s like following your favourite recipe for a guaranteed delicious meal.

Remember — it isn’t all about intercourse. What are you craving right now? 

  • Perhaps you want a stolen kiss that makes you weak at the knees.
  • Or maybe you want to be bent over and taken.

Quickies are about scratching that immediate itch.

Step 4: Get creative with sex positions

It’s time to think practically about your space. Stand up, lean over a surface, or use whatever furniture’s within reach. 

Doggy style is a quickie classic, and so is pressing up against a wall. It’s about finding a position that’s comfortable and accessible. Make the most of the space you have — no acrobatics required. Also have a look at the top five hottest sex positions for inspiration. 

Step 5: Romantic touches

Don’t underestimate the power of a bit of neck nuzzling. It’s like a subtle reminder that this isn’t just about the heat — there’s tenderness in the mix, too.

Your quickies can be filled with passionate, romantic touches that make each other feel loved, craved, and appreciated. 

Step 6: A dash of consensual spice

On the other hand if you’re into it, a bit of roughness can also add excitement. But remember, it’s all about consent and boundaries. Talk about it beforehand to ensure you’re both on the same page.

Step 7: Communication is key

It’s not mind-reading; it’s about talking openly. Let your partner know when you’re in the mood, and don’t be shy about sharing your preferences. It’s like creating your secret language of desire.

Step 8: After the fun — stay connected

Quickie done, now what? 

Spend a moment together — hold hands, exchange a meaningful glance, and send a playful text or reconnect properly afterwards. This is especially important after those fast-acting endorphins have started to chill.

How to find time for quick sex (when you’re navigating work and kids)

Let’s tackle the real-life puzzle of finding time for those steamy quickies, even amid work and parenting chaos. Because guess what? There’s always room for a bit of sizzle!

Pre-game flirting: Make any moment count

Ready to play the pre-game? 

Flirting isn’t just for date nights — it’s your secret weapon. Sneak in a playful text, exchange a knowing glance, or throw in a saucy comment when your partner least expects it. 

This is also a brilliant time to incorporate fantasy and role-play!! Pre-game flirting is a spicy appetiser that keeps you both hungry for the main course.

Where to get creative

Turn up the heat by thinking outside the bedroom. 

Are you sharing a bed with your little ones? No worries. The couch, kitchen counter, or even the bathroom can be transformed into your quickie zones. It’s about getting creative with the spaces you have.

alt: Best places to have quickies

From secret nooks to naughty cupboards, even the car or a dimly lit movie theatre can become your passion playgrounds. Or perhaps even outside! 

These unexpected spots can add an exhilarating edge to your encounters. And if you’re worried about a messy space — no worries! A quick tidy-up can do wonders.

When to pounce

Quickies aren’t picky about timing — they’re all about seizing the moment. 

Think about those unexpected gaps in your day, like minutes before work, during a lunch break, while the baby is napping, or even in the car during traffic (yes, really!). Urgency and stolen moments intensify the thrill🔥.

Scheduling intimacy

Here’s a pro tip: Sneak quickies into your schedule. 

Do you have any slots in your day when you could connect? Coffee dates, meetings in the boardroom, after the kids’ bedtime routine. These are your golden windows. 

And if you’re up for a mini-adventure, weekends are perfect for a quick escape.

Snatching time like a pro

Ever considered morning quickies, but perhaps you have “morning breath” fears? 

Why not just ditch the kissing or opt for cowgirl, where your faces aren’t too close? Or a little multitasking during your morning shower can be quite invigorating.

Going virtual 

Virtual intimacy can be your wingman even if you’re not long-distance lovers. 

Send naughty messages, have steamy voice calls, or even indulge in tantalising video chats. It’s like adding a sprinkle of passion to your screens.

Remember, finding time for quickies is all about thinking on your feet and making the most of the little pockets of opportunity. 

Best tips for making quickies easier

Let’s tackle the logistics of making those quickies as smooth and thrilling as possible. Get ready for some practical pointers that’ll make your quickie game strong!

1. Build your quickie kit

Think of it as your pleasure arsenal. Stock up on essentials like lube, condoms, and maybe even a discreet bullet vibe that can pass as your little secret. 

You can also include wipes to clean yourself up afterwards. A well-prepared kit can turn an ordinary moment into an extraordinary escapade.

alt: Things to put in your quickie sex kit

2. Dress for success — keep it loose

The beauty of quickies? No need for a full costume change. Opt for loose-fitting clothing that can be easily manoeuvred — think comfortable trousers, skirts, or dresses. It’s about keeping the thrill alive without losing time on wardrobe changes.

3. Master the art of silence

There’s a certain thrill in keeping things hushed. Learn to navigate those passionate moments while being discreet — it can add a layer of excitement to your quickie encounters.

4. Quick cleanup tricks

Maintaining comfort and privacy is a breeze with a few quick tricks: 

Have some wipes handy, and think twice about ejaculation. What’s the game plan if you aren’t using a condom? 

Also, post-coital drip isn’t ideal when you’re out and about. So, why not swallow it? Or, if you don’t want to, you can let it out somewhere external and mop it up with a tissue!  

Advanced tips for better quickies

Here are some tips you can implement gradually to improve your quickies and bring back the sexual intimacy you’ve been craving. 

alt: Advanced tips for quickie sex

Prioritise self-care

Here’s the scoop — taking care of yourself translates to feeling ready and open for intimacy. Whether a quick freshen-up or a moment of relaxation, self-care helps you be in the right headspace for those passionate quickies.

Set bedroom boundaries

If your bed’s become a family hangout, it’s time for some boundaries. Establish a routine where kids fall asleep independently, making your bedroom your sanctuary. And remember, teamwork is vital — both partners play a role in creating this unique space.

Teach kids about privacy

When it comes to kids, it’s all about openness and education. Teach them about the importance of privacy and intimacy, creating a foundation of understanding that grows with them. It’s like planting the seeds of respect and healthy relationships.

Be patient and flexible

Life isn’t scripted, and neither are quickies. Be open to what you can manage, and remember that it’s about quality, not quantity. Some days might be a whirlwind of passion; others might not. Flexibility is your secret weapon.

Ready to make your quickies hotter, wetter, and better? 

So there you have it, the nuts and bolts of quickies that make those sizzling moments seamlessly possible. 

If all these tips sound overwhelming, try implementing them into your sex life gradually. Start by doing things that feel natural and implement the other suggestions as you go. 

Are you looking for ways to spice up your sex life — even with a busy schedule? Check out Beducated which is full of bite-sized pleasure courses you can access to surprise your partner with a passionate (and hot😉) evening. 

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