In Bed With Lisa
In Bed With Lisa
Boudoir Photography for Self Love

Do you love to lurk in the background of photographs?

Does the idea of doing a boudoir shoot give you goosebumps?

Then you’ll love today’s interview with Natalia Doulger, a Self Love Coach and Boudoir Photographer. In this episode, she shares the tips she uses in her own life, with her daughter and clients to boost feelings of self-acceptance and love.

Natalia helps people to see themselves with a gentle gaze!

What to expect:

2:40 How to deal with the inner critic with her whip!

3:35 Metaphor to help people to feel more at home in their bodies

6:00 The importance of giving ourselves validation

7:00 Therapeutic Photography

8:30 The connection between self-love and sexuality

9:30 How to escape the feeling of being unphotogenic 12:00 Escaping the limited view we have of ourselves

16:30 How to speak gently to ourselves

19:30 Stepping out of your comfort zone

26:00 Discovering your individual expression of sexuality


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