In Bed With Lisa
In Bed With Lisa
20. Confident Communication in the Bedroom with Ursula Botha

Ever felt like things are moving too fast in the bedroom, but you don’t know how to slow it all down? Or found yourself going along with something that you don’t realllllly want to be doing right now? Ugh! It can be such a pleasure suck when the words are on the tip of our tongue, but just don’t want to come out. Well, this week’s guest is a master of confident communication in any situation. And, yes, that includes dans le boudoir!

Oui, oui, I am talking about Ursula Botha, a fabulous Public Speaking Coach, Vocal Artist and Actress with a gift to help people express and deliver their ideas. Because, it doesn’t matter if you’re standing on stage in front of hundreds of people, or laying in bed beside your crush – the nervous feeling is much the same! And Ursula has the tools to make it all feel much more manageable. 

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