In Bed With Lisa
In Bed With Lisa
Escape Sexual Shame

What kind of a sex life would you have if you could escape sexual shame? Or if you weren’t worried about being slut-shamed, the size of your penis, what fantasies you have, what sexual acts you want to do and who you want to do them with?

That’s the sex life that Nina encourages us to imagine in this week’s podcast. Nina is a certified sex coach, freelancer in the mental health space and podcaster based in Connecticut.

She loves to help people decode their blockages to pleasure so that they can find their turn-on. In this episode, she shares practical advice to help people to escape sexual shame, and switch from their reality brain (the one that’s always thinking about to-do lists and what other people think) to their sexy brain (the one where all the juicy stuff lives!).

Tune in to hear Nina’s baby steps to escape sexual shame – and start you off safely in the world of fantasy.

03:58 – busting sex drive myths

7:30 – how to turn on the responsive sex drive

12:30 – using fantasy to turn the brain on!

16:09 – opening a conversation about fantasy

21:42 – What it means if you don’t have fantasies

I’d love to hear if you had any aha moments – please share in the comments, or reach out on IG to let me know. Here’s mine… “By keeping our sexuality from our partner it’s also limiting the level of intimacy we can ever have with them.”

That one really got me thinking.

Learn more about Nina at her website: and on Instagram @ninarealtalk

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