In Bed With Lisa
In Bed With Lisa
Give Yourself Permission

Is there somebody in your life who you see living their best life, breaking the rules and going their own way?

Rachel Molenda is one of those people – and in this interview, she shares exactly how she built the courage to do that.

She’s a mindset coach who helps people to fill their own cups – and practices what she preaches by living life on her own terms!!

2:50 Playing by your own rules

3:40 What’s stopping us from doing our own thing

6:00 Undoing the stories that we carry 8:00 Re-writing your own script

13:00 How to take the first step into radical permission

16:51 Changing the definition of failure

17:30 Talk to the little person within you

19:30 The mind games of cold water immersion

21:15 Impacting the mind through the body

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