In Bed With Lisa
In Bed With Lisa
Why Is It So Hard to Talk About Sex?

Strange fact: It’s often easier to have sex than to actually talk about it!

So, in today’s podcast, I ask Leah Sefor, a communications expert, why it’s so hard to talk about sex!

Leah is a life and relationship coach, author, podcaster and speaker who specialises in bringing clarity to conversations. In her book, That’s Not What I Meant, Leah teaches a new way of communicating that can instantly improve all of the relationships in your life.

In this interview, Leah shares some great tips to help us feel more comfortable when we talk about sex.

Managing Expectations

We all have different communication styles – and understanding the way that the different styles interact can make all of the difference. It comes down to the details such as the timing of conversations, the information that is brought to the table and the tone of voice used.

The tools that Leah shares can be used for agreements around:

With Leah’s no-nonsense approach you might just find the courage you need to talk about sex.


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