In Bed With Lisa
In Bed With Lisa
How to Find Time for Pleasure

Would you like to live with flow, ease and grace?

Then stay tuned to hear Nicky Rowbotham’s wisdom on this subject! She will help us to learn to find time for pleasure, flow, grace and ease. Yes, really!

Nicky is a reformed accountant… she is an author, speaker and woman on a mission to help women feel good about themselves! So shows us that it’s okay to love a good spreadsheet – and being spread in the sheets!! (Sorry, I couldn’t help myself).

What to expect

3:21 How do you define pleasure?

4:17 How to embrace all that you are

4:48 Allowing all facets of our diamond to shine

9:08 How to make time for pleasure when we are so busy

12:00 How to listen to the nudges of intuition

13:30 The importance of taking a pause 13:50 Nicky’s journey to heal

15:30 Finding pleasure in the body


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