In Bed With Lisa
In Bed With Lisa
How To Recover From Burnout

Are you exhausted? Keep listening to learn how to recover from burnout!

In this interview, Leah Sefor, an unapologetically-real life coach, shares her lived experience with exhaustion. Tune in to hear her actionable advice to help you to recover from burnout so you can come out the other side with renewed wellness.

Can you recover from burnout?

“Burnout is a state of mental and physical exhaustion that can have a deeply negative effect on your ability to do your job, to be present in all of your relationships and to experience joy from social life.” ~ Leah

Here’s what we cover:

Leah is a straight-talking, take-no-prisoners life coach. She is an author, podcaster and speaker who specialises in bringing clarity to conversations. In her book, That’s Not What I Meant, Leah teaches a new way of communicating that can instantly improve all of the relationships in your life.


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