In Bed With Lisa
In Bed With Lisa
Do You Feel Awkward Making Noise In Bed?

Does making noise in bed make you cringe? This is the question that I posed to Erin Kyna, a fabulous Sexuality & Spirituality Coach and Healer, who lives in Bali.

We grew up in an environment where shame silenced us. And, therefore, sounds of sexual pleasure are not well received.

I think we can all relate to the embarrassment of having neighbours banging on the wall, or kids asking if mummy is okay. 😉 And, of course, as young adults, we learnt that we need to keep the sounds of our pleasure down to keep everything secret. 

Sexual Shame

So much shame is imposed on us over the years about sex, pleasure and masturbation. So, we never learn how to put words to the things that we want. 

“We don’t feel empowered to say yes to the things we like, or no to the things we don’t like. Of course, we don’t know how! Perhaps we have a fantasy or desire that we want to share – and the concept is right in our throat, ready to speak… but there are no words available to let it come out.”

I know I’ve been there! Perhaps you can relate too? 

The benefit of making noise in bed

Women’s sexuality has been smothered, because suppressing us vocally is one of the most powerful ways to keep us small and easy to control.

And while this might sound heavy, Erin offered hope with a reminder. The flip side of this truth is that using our voice is one of the most profound ways to lead us towards empowerment. 

“Start making noise in bed! Being vocal in the bedroom allows us to negotiate safe and empowering sexual experiences. It puts the power and the pleasure back in our hands.” 

Did this conversation resonate with you? Does this inspire you to be more vocal and have more fun in the bedroom? Let us know in the comments.


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