In Bed With Lisa
In Bed With Lisa
19. The Power of Sensual Movement with Anjua Maximo

You know when someone walks into a room and everybody seems to notice? It’s like the energy changed as soon as they arrived. What is it about those people? I’ve always wondered… how can we all get some of that je ne sais quoi!

Well, that’s exactly what Anjua Maximo wants for us. She’s a Life and Sensual Movement Coach who teaches women how to access their own erotic, creative, juicy energy. The kind that makes us feel alive, helps to heal body image and boosts confidence too. How? All through the power of Sensual Movement!

It can be as simple as putting on one song and letting yourself move at any time of day. Just crank up some hip-shaking music while you’re cooking – you can even get the kids involved! It’s all energy being exchanged and moved – and it can feel so good. For the whole family.

Even if you have one of these excuses up your sleeve…

– I’ve got no time for sensual movement

– I feel awkward or think you can’t dance

– I’m totally embarrassed to show your lover

In this episode, Anjua shoots down all of these excuses one by one.

She shares:

1. How to begin with Sensual Dance

2. Why it’s so beneficial

3. And some juicy tips for bringing these principles into the bedroom!

It’s a fantastic conversation that’s guaranteed to gets your hips moving. Tune in to learn more!

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