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In Bed With Lisa
What is Sensual Movement? with Anjua Maximo

You know when someone walks into a room and everybody seems to notice? It’s like the energy changed as soon as they arrived. What is it about those people? I’ve always wondered… how can we all get some of that je ne sais quoi!

Well, that’s exactly what Anjua Maximo wants for us. She teaches women about sensual movement! She shows them how to access erotic, creative, juicy energy. The kind that makes us feel alive, helps to heal body image and boosts confidence too. How? All through the power of Sensual Movement! 

Anjua Maximo is a Life and Sensual Movement Coach for women who commands the screen when I watch her move on TikTok – and having her in my Zoom room was no different! Such relaxed, natural confidence. She truly practices what she preaches. Anjua’s been doing this work for 16 years and still thrives from seeing the way it empowers the women she teaches.

How can you start with Sensual Movement?

It can be as simple as putting on one song and letting yourself move at any time of day. Just crank up some hip-shaking music while you’re cooking – you can even get the kids involved! It’s all energy being exchanged and moved – and it can feel so good. For the whole family.

Even if you have one of these excuses up your sleeve…

In this episode Anjua shares how to begin with Sensual Dance, why it’s so beneficial and some juicy tips for bringing these principles into the bedroom!

Keep reading to learn more!

Why is Sensual Movement the cornerstone of your work?

Anjua smiled before answering in a matter-of-fact way, “We are energy… We have energy within our bodies, and energy stores can become blocked within our bodies for numerous reasons. We don’t often make the connection between what we’re experiencing in life, and what we’re experiencing in our bodies. Sensual Movement can help us to make that connection.”

There it was in a nutshell! Anjua explained that the way she teaches sensual movement slows her clients riiiiiggggghhhhht down so that they can feel the energy in their bodies. Through sensual dance, we can learn to feel where the energy is stuck, flowing, and buzzing. And we can play with it!

You slow down and consciously feel into every part of your body – in such a way that is 100% FOR YOU. There is no expectation of the movement. And absolutely no performance aspect. The process of slowing down and moving is the practice. And this invites freedom. 

Doesn’t that sound good? But you know me, I’m a realist. I want this kind of freedom, and I know you do too! But how on earth can a busy woman, with so many people and things eating up her day find any time for sensual movement?

What if you’ve got no time for sensual movement?

I asked Anjua, is it realistic for us to ‘slow down and feel’ when we are SO BUSY? 

Anjua smiled again, totally unperturbed. Surely she’s heard every excuse in the book when it comes to not having time. “Maybe you won’t be able to drop down and have an hour of movement, but you can make a playlist of your favourite tunes and tune in for 1 song, 2 songs, 3 songs…”

I had to admit, 1 song seems achievable, right? 

“Sensual Movement can even be as small as running your hands down your body.”

Our hands have tremendous healing power within them. Think about the way we place them on others – our lovers, children, or best friends. With our hands we wipe away tears, calm others, make them feel wanted, seen, desired, encouraged, supported, soothed… But we don’t tend to do this for ourselves. It can be as simple as placing one hand below your belly button and moving your hips as you breathe. You can do it right this second. (Go on!)

With practice, Anjua says you’ll find the urge to step away from your busy day, even for 3 minutes, to turn your favourite song on, follow your breath, and let the body move.

It’s easy to say we don’t have time for something like that. But, who has time? We’re all busy. But we have to create time, (by getting organised and setting priorities). Move away from the idea that things such as Sensual Dance are frivolous. If you’ve never tried it how will you know that this doesn’t serve you? Just imagine if it really could make your life feel easier. 

So, it seems being too busy is not an excuse. Anjua has officially busted that myth!

What if you can’t dance?

But, what if you can’t dance? And you feel awkward when you try to move your body sensually.

Guess what… Sensual Movement doesn’t have to look a certain way. So stretch your definition of Sensual Movement to include your own language of movement. Because Sensual Movement is for EVERYONE.

“It’s not always about crawling across the table,” said Anjua, before adding cheekily, “although sometimes it definitely is!!!”

Anjua invites us to just give it a try to see if it can make a difference. Just let your body move – it doesn’t have to look a specific way.

How can sensual movement make a difference?

I was curious to understand just HOW Sensual Movement works as a transformational tool. Anjua explained that there is a connection between movement and emotion.

“The hips house erotic energy. And by moving that energy we can access creativity, a sense of self, and a sense of being. You can uncover who you are!

Once you own this energy and allow it to expand – it can travel into all of your energy centres. Into the solar plexus – which is where your sense of self and identity resides, your heart, where you’ll find love and understanding and appreciation for yourself. And then possibly even to your throat – and that supports self-advocacy!!”

Women go to Anjua to open up their bodies and unlock their sensuality, and suddenly they learn to speak for themselves! They’re no longer afraid to express their ideas. And they can now speak!

And beyond activating your energy centres, Sensual Movement also helps to:

Emotions are messengers

The other great thing that happens when we slow down and listen to the body is that we can tune into our emotions. And I know that might sound daunting – but it’s nothing to fear!

Emotions are simply messengers. And if we don’t listen to them, we will miss them. With Anjua’s style of Sensual Dance, you slow down, notice and really FEEL your emotions and identify where they are living in your body. You might notice something like anger, sadness or not-enoughness sitting in a certain place. And when you know where they are you can attend to your feeling. Sounds weird, huh? Here’s how it works. 

Move your hips in any way that your hips want to move. Let your intention be to shake up some emotion.

When Anjua guides people through this process she can tell what is happening in your body by the way you are moving, breathing, and leaning into your body. Then she can direct you to move through it. The result is often tears, relief, laughing, and everything combined!

So, if you try sensual moving and then suddenly feel an overwhelming emotion, you haven’t broken anything!! This is nothing to worry about – it’s a good sign. You have liberated some trapped energy! You have allowed your body to let it go.

How do you do it?

Is it annoying if I say… there’s no wrong way? Each person has their own sensual movement language. And while Anjua can teach the “words” of the movements, the “accents” are all independent and unique. Everyone isn’t meant to move the same. We all have our own way of interpreting the movement.

So, it comes down to permission. Yep, hear me out.

You have to give yourself PERMISSION to move – and express your language. This is revolutionary because we often haven’t given our bodies this kind of freedom for years.

No trying to be ladylike, nor sexy!

Not like the music videos (although I still try to channel Beyonce’s single ladies’ dance on occasion!)

If that’s how not to do it, what DO you do?

Play the music that you are craving.

Move with complete abandon. Let your emotion and essence radiate. 

Don’t look at this as dance class. You’re not using the beat of the music. Instead, look for the undercurrent of feeling inside of the song. It is there below the beat. Regardless of how fast the song is. 

Bonus tip: This can translate through to intimate moments – recreate and bring it into your sexual movement

Sensual movement in front of someone?

No joke, this IS scary!! The idea of learning your very own dance language, that isn’t designed to look a certain way, with no judgement or expectation… and then showing someone!! Dancing like nobody’s watching is doable – when nobody is watching, right??

Well, Anjua says we shouldn’t rush! This Sensual Movement is a gift for ourselves. There is no pressure to share it. And if we’d like to, there is no rush to get there.

Practice practice practice first. Through practice, we build self-trust and confidence. 

If you feel ready to share your dance, make it clear that you are sharing something that is yours! Set boundaries with your lover.

Let them know: “I want you to sit there and allow me to finish and when I’m done, you’ll know.”

Anjua says it’s not about having dominant energy. It’s just letting them know the parameters of the space. You are setting the space for your sensual dance. 

Eye contact is an important part of sharing your dance – and it is so difficult. Your eye contact is a part of controlling the space. Here’s what I mean. Imagine running your hands down your body, while looking your lover in the eye. You are controlling where they can look. When you drop your gaze you are giving them permission to look upon your body.

“As you move, keep your focus on what you’re feeling – not on your partner. Don’t worry about whether they’re interested. It’s not about them. Even if your partner gets bored and leaves to make a sandwich – just keep on dancing! Because it’s for you – so it doesn’t matter.”

Anjua explained that some people’s partners find it frightening to see their lover fully in their power like this.

Sensual movement in the bedroom

You can even bring these Sensual Movement Principles into the bedroom… yep, I mean during sex!

So many women focus on what their partners think, what they want, and what feels good to them. But that’s their work. Your work is what you need. So, be here with you first. He’ll be fine!!

Here are some more of Anjua’s Sensual Movement tips for the boudoir!

  1. Get comfortable with touching your body. Put your hands on your body, and guide your lover’s hands on your body. 
  2. Add a blindfold – even when you dance! 
  3. Don’t fake pleasure. If you don’t feel anything, don’t moan!! If you do – let the building know!!
  4. Exchange and experiment and explore!


I don’t know about you, but this sounds good to me! If you’d like to learn more about Anjua and her offerings, you can find her online (links below). Sign up for her newsletter which she sends out monthly to tell everyone all the things that are happening in her world! 

And check out her wonderful podcast, the Electric Feminine, which is dedicated to discussing the spirituality, sensuality, and sexuality of women! 

How does all of that sound? Are you ready to liberate yourself? To stop “performing” and discover your own language of movement?

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