In Bed With Lisa
In Bed With Lisa
Slow Pleasure in a Fast World

Today we’re asking how can we make time for slow pleasure in a fast world!

Shani is the founder of Native Nude and a Pleasure & Intimacy Guide, who is dedicated to making her life a reflection of her work – yes she is hard-working, dedicated and committed to her business – but she is equally committed to making her life pleasurable!  

Shani helps people to learn to slow down, sink into pleasure so that we can start to understand what life is really all about and enjoy the real gifts that are around us in every moment – even when we are super busy and distracted in today’s hectic world! Ease is a possibility for all of us.

Shani says that when we slow down – life and pleasure can move through us!

Will you take her invitation to use 1% of our day for nourishing yourself?

Tune in to learn how!


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Psst – I’ve got a gift for you! It’s a free ebook that I created to help people to have more fun in bed… Because life is wayyyyy too short for mediocre sex. So, if you’d like to stop faking orgasms and actually enjoy yourself, then check it out!

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